Meet Miracle Kid Mathew Westerman

At 1 ½ years of age, Mathew had the perfect storm of health issues – two ear infections, strep throat, mono, pneumonia, and asthma. He was eating and drinking very little, causing dehydration and iron deficiency anemia. Mathew then suffered a seizure, and was rushed to the Shannon Emergency Department. From there, he was transported to Cook Children’s where he was diagnosed with Hereditary Factor 1 Deficiency Disease and Thrombosis of the Superior Sagital Sinus, Transverse Sinus and Internal Jugular Vein. The treatment of anticoagulant blood thinner injections and plasma injections worked and now Mathew is completely off all medication. Thanks to funding from Children’s Miracle Network, Mathew was able to receive some of his treatments at Shannon. Mathew is now 2 years old and loves hip hop music, Batman, and playing hide and seek.

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